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forest school


All children at Feckenham First School have the opportunity to attend Forest School.





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Building a Cob Oven 


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Below are some photos of children taking their learning outside and working hard during a Forest School session. 


  Forest School session

 bread 3

Making Bread at Forest School - Everyone had a turn, here are a few of the photos showing our mornings work.


bread 4

Cooking Bread at Forest School

bread 5


bread 7

Enjoying bread at Forest School

bread resize

Going on a bug hunt

bread 15

bread rsize 2


IMG 5702

Building shelters out of natural resources

IMG 5703IMG 5704IMG 5705

Having fun with our friends and exploring the enviroment

IMG 5708IMG 5709IMG 5710IMG 5711IMG 5713IMG 5714IMG 5715IMG 5716IMG 5717



IMG 7168IMG 7169IMG 7170IMG 7171IMG 7172IMG 7173IMG 7174IMG 7175IMG 7177IMG 7178



Children made their own camp fire and learnt which material to use and how to light the fire themselves. The children chose materials which would burn the longest to keep their fires going. 








Beginning to build our shelter, this is the design stage! 






The children love to explore and investigate the stream. Here the children are observing the water levels during heavy rainfall and looking at how the rising level affects the environment. 













Forest School in an inspirational process that offers children and young people the opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and self-esteem, through hands-on learning experiences in a local woodland environment.

Definition by Forest School England

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