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Year R joined forces with Feckenham Nursery and held a cake sale to raise money for the GraceKellyLadybird Appeal. Feckehnam Nursery children made 75 crispy cakes and Year R made nearly 100 cakes to sell at playtime to the rest of the school. It was a brilliant playtime for all and over £125 was made! Thank you to everyone who donated money to help Year R and  Feckenham Nursery raise money. 


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All Things Wild



Year R went on a fabulous day trip to All Things Wild. We had a fantastic day, seeing animals from all over the world, finding out about reptiles, holding snakes, dragons and lizards, driving tractors, finding dinosaurs on a dinosaur hunt, playing on the playground, digging for animal bones in the sand, flying helicopters and expereincing a barefoot sensory trail! We did so much and everyone was so well behaved and a pleasure to take out for day. 


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Year Four went to Blackwell Court for a residential trip. There were lots of activities to take part in. Our favourite acitivties were:- Crate Stack, 3G Swing, and High All Abaord.


Crate stack is stacking crates with a partner. We had to try and get to ten crates high without them falling over and without touching the floor. Children had to stand on the crates and work as team, trusting your partner not to let you fall. It was great fun!


3D swing is a huge swing and really high - over 27 metres high. We could set how high the swing went, we made it really scary for the teachers.


High All Aboard is climbing and testing strength. Children had to climb to the top and stand in fours on a small platform. 20cm x 20cm. We nearly didnt fit. If you didnt managed to fit on the board, you fell! Our safety harness caught us but we were dangling in the air! It was fun and scary at the same time.


Written by Niamh and Amelia in Year 4


More to follow soon....with photos!

This morning everyone ran/jumped/skipped a mile around our school playground. It was 27 laps! 


The children chose lots of different ways to travel during their mile, some even crawled! Below are some photos of the fun everyone had. 



We raised lots of money in the process, the total willl follow when all the money is in school! 


Well done everyone. 


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Year R are learning all about the Chinese New Year. As a class, they made a dragon and created music to dance to. Everyone took part and really enjoyed it.


chinese 218 


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