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What a fantastic week we have had building our cob oven. Matthew Lloyd from the Fabulous Cob Oven company has worked with everyone in the school to build a cob oven using clay, sand and straw. Our feet played a very important part in making the cob mixture to begin with and then we used our hands to model the shape of the oven. It was a whole school effort and we are going to enjoy eating the pizza (which will take 90 seconds to cook) once it is finished. Below are some photos from the start of our building week. More photos to follow after our Pizza party on Thursday. 


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Welcome to a new school year. Our new reception children have settled in very well and are enjoing all the new and exciting activities in school. Below are a few photos of the fun we are having.


2017 first day 504 


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Year R joined forces with Feckenham Nursery and held a cake sale to raise money for the GraceKellyLadybird Appeal. Feckehnam Nursery children made 75 crispy cakes and Year R made nearly 100 cakes to sell at playtime to the rest of the school. It was a brilliant playtime for all and over £125 was made! Thank you to everyone who donated money to help Year R and  Feckenham Nursery raise money. 


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All Things Wild



Year R went on a fabulous day trip to All Things Wild. We had a fantastic day, seeing animals from all over the world, finding out about reptiles, holding snakes, dragons and lizards, driving tractors, finding dinosaurs on a dinosaur hunt, playing on the playground, digging for animal bones in the sand, flying helicopters and expereincing a barefoot sensory trail! We did so much and everyone was so well behaved and a pleasure to take out for day. 


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